Spacious Floorplan

With opposing slides in the main living area, you’ll find ample space for entertaining, dining, or bringing the whole family along.

The drop-down bunk is a unique feature, adding another separate sleeping position. As our kids got older, they appreciated having their own sleeping apace. One kid gets the drop-down bunk, the other enjoys her own sleeping space on the pull-out sofa.

For a nimble 32-foot coach, this floorplan packs abundant storage for all the food, cookware, and gear you’ll likely need. Even with an active family of four, out for weeks at a time, we never found ourselves wishing for more storage.

Thanks to a separate bath and shower, there is much more bathroom space than floor plans which cram both into a single small room. The well-placed linen closet continues the theme of ample storage just where you need it.

Using the fold-away cockpit table, there is a separate area for cocktails, additional dinner guests, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or just hanging out.